Sunday, March 19, 2006

I don't know why I find it so funny, but I love it when Seinfeld makes up names.

Scene #1:

GEORGE: "Fragile Frankie Merman? I never liked that guy."
JERRY: "Why? He's harmless."
GEORGE: "Every summer you guys went to camp together. I was jealous. Felt
like he was the summer me."
JERRY: "He was not the summer you. Besides, you had a summer me. Whitey Fisk,
the guy who snuck you into Last Tango in Paris."
GEORGE: "I made him up."
JERRY: "So you never saw Last Tango in Paris?"
JERRY: "Too bad. It was erotic."

Scene #2:

(Jerry enters, with his bag over his shoulder.)

GEORGE: Hey look, he's back.
JERRY: I got your message, (sitting) so I came straight from Atlantic City.
HELEN: Jerry, Kramer called Bally's. You weren't registered.
JERRY: (extemporising) Well, I can't stay under my own name. I was registered under Slappy White.


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